Nadia Atif, Ph.D.
Anthropologist & Social Development Expert

Adventures of a Paperweight is deep, thoughtful and insightful.  All wrapped in a delightful tale, beautifully illustrated.  It reveals an Authoresses’ life seasoned soul reaching out to share with readers, both young and old, a winning approach to life’s inevitable challenges. It gently prods one to become a master of one’s trials and tribulations, and become our very own Maharajas and Maharinis.”

Riyadh, 2013


Richard Jesse Watson
Award winning Children’s Book Illustrator and Author

“Thank you for expanding our world through your books.”

Washington, 2013


Eden Ross Lipson
Children’s Book Editor & Reviewer and Editor of The New York Times

“In contrast to the didactic and formulaic books mostly from Lebanon and Egypt, there is a children’s book writer and artist working independently. Halla has the voice of a real children’s book writer, and as an artist, she is distinctive. Her books have charm and lure.”

cariesNew York,2005.


His Excellency Dr.Abdul Aziz Al Khowaiter
Minister of State. Former Minister of Education

” Your work is not haphazard, but rather well studied. It is based on enlightened vision, and skill in translating mature ideas through art. As I regard your books, I can’t decide if the story overpowers the illustrations, or the reverse . This means that they complete each other .I am proud of you .I am proud of your work, and the fact that it is dedicated to children, the “angels of earth.”

Riyadh, 2006



His Excellency Dr.Ghazi Al Gosaiby
Minister of  Labor. Well-known intellectual, politician, novelist, and poet

Doha ya doha is a beautiful little book, enriched by charming illustrations. Hallabint Khalid’s art work in Wasmiyah is absolutely stunning.”

Al Majallah Al-Arabiah No.287.

London, March 2001






Sarah B. AlTurki, Ed.D.
Founder of  Dhahran Ahliyya Schools (DAS)

“They are lovely stories and, of course , absolutely beautifully illustrated. They give a very nice feeling of Arabic setting, in contrast with the negative feeling that is being pushed by so many. Thank you for your efforts to provide Arabic children’s books that are both important and beautiful.”



Lubna AlOlayan
Chief executive, Olayan Financing. Listed as one of the world’s 100 most influential people  Time magazine 2005

“The great effort you applied to produce such stunning books is clear .I admire your artistic talent which is evident in your detailed illustrations. Saudi Arabia is in dire need of such enlightening, leading works.”



Mr. Yousef Adbeltawab
Multiple international prize winner for children’s literature

“People who belittle the importance of illustrations are greatly mistaken. The artwork is a vital part of the book. Here, our author is herself the illustrator and designer. The latter is something generally amiss in the world of  Arabic books. The illustration must work side by side with the text. Too many Arabic books leave a huge gap between the image and what it depicts. Some book illustrations are too rigid, devoid of any artistic feeling. Halla’s books are simple and easy to understand .The illustrations are elegant, delicate,  and complete the story. These are attributes that create a fine book.”

Al Yamamah Magazine No.1530.1997


oxymoronMrs.ElmaDangerfield, O.B.E
Honorary Director of The International Byron Society

” Halla’s poems are extremely sensitive, descriptive and full of poetical emotion, observance of nature with much relevance human feelings.”